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Tinted Eye Contour Corrector

Tinted Eye Contour Corrector

SKU: 0518 000

This cream combines illuminating pigments with the efficacy of an eye contour treatment. Helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles by improving microcirculation. Visibly reduces imperfections.

  • Skin Type

    All skin types

  • Packaging

    20ml tube

  • Product Type

    Eye Care

  • How to use

    To highlight: Place a few dabs onto the upper eyelid, Blend with your fingertips.

    To enhance the complexion: Put a few dabs onto the shaded areas of your face (dark circles, nose folds, hollow of the chin). Blend with your fingertips.

    To conceal imperfections: Put a few dabs onto the imperfections. Blend with your fingertips.

  • Active Ingredients

    • Plant-based glycerin
    • Anti-dark circle plant complex
    • Fucus extract
    • Brightening pigments
    • Hypo-allergenic active ingredient

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