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Skin Defense Mask

Skin Defense Mask

SKU: 0304

Anti-pollution mask.

Unusual smooth oily gel-cream texture, immediately comforts the skin. Restores skin's radiance, reduces damaging effects of pollution and the skin is more resistant to external stress. Detoxified, the skin is softer and radiant, the complexion is radiant.

  • Skin Type

    All skin types

  • Packaging

    50ml tube

  • Product Type


  • How to use

    Use as often as necessary. Apply a thin layer to the whole of the face and neck (except the area around the eyes and lips). Leave on for 5 to 10mins. Emulsify with cold water making circular movements with the tips of the fingers, the texture will gradually change to a milky emulsion. Rinse, and finish by applying a suitable toner.

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