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2B Bio Serum O2

2B Bio Serum O2

SKU: 15011

Vital serum.

2B Bio Serum O2 enables your skin to breathe optimally and to better self-regulate in polluted environments. It is an ideal detoxifying agent as it clears your skin of the carbon dioxide and enriches it in oxygen. Your wrinkles seem to be smoothed from within. Preserved from dehydration, your skin regains its youthful radiance.

  • Skin Type

    Mature skin

  • Packaging

    30ml bottle

  • Product Type


  • How to use

    - As a 14-day cure
    - According to requirements, in alternation with 2B Bio Oxygel.
    Every day, morning and evening, on a perfectly cleansed skin, before the day or night cream. Apply on your face and neck
    as well as on the back of your hands, which are particularly
    prone to dryness.
    After an immediate feeling of extreme softness, your skin
    recovers its initial touch, a sign that all active ingredients have
    been absorbed.

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