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2B Bio Gommage

2B Bio Gommage

SKU: 15010

Gentle exfoliator.

On dry skins, 2B Bio Gommage removes the dead cells that smother the skin.
On oily and/or acne-prone skins, it frees the epidermis from the bacteria at the origin of blackheads, blemishes and blotchiness.

Perfectly purified and cleansed, your skin can now breathe and regain the energy necessary to stimulate cellular renewal.

  • Skin Type

    All skin types

  • Packaging

    200ml bottle

  • Product Type


  • How to use

    Apply onto a moistened skin with small circular movements, concentrating on the roughest areas. Ideally, application should be performed once a week in order to ensure complete renewal of the epidermis. Complete with 2B Bio Douceur or 2B Bio Clarté lotion.

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